Thursday, December 7, 2017

Stylish and Edgy with a Touch of Tradition (Parikh's Home Tour)

There is something intrinsically pleasing about today’s post. Unlike our traditional home tours, this beautiful and opulent home tour will raise the spirits of contemporary and traditional lovers. Come along to a very stylish and edgy home tour of a power couple who are popularly known for their diverse design sensibilities and who love to be in the presence of beautiful ambience. While carefully and tastefully decorating their home, they have won to keep the elegance and simplicity with a touch of tradition. 
A wall decal in the family's kitchen
Keeping it sane while getting adventurous with bold color combinations and quirky accessories, this fashion forward home of Kishan & Sejal Parikh perfectly captures couple's charming qualities and One-Of-A-Kind décor style.    
Kishan, a technophile IT professional, has dotted geek gadgets throughout the home (There is a home automation (smart home) done through music system and Alexa  
App, which can play the music the family wants as well as controls smart lights and thermostat - freaky isn't it?) and Sejal an ambitious corporate lady and a glamorous diva, who thinks outside the blueprint and maps out every detail when it comes to peaceful & pleasing decor that couple envisioned for their home! The empty nesters whose son is now in university are enjoying their new phase of life with a positive outlook.  
Parikh's excelled at the shopping part and have ordered custom pieces throughout the home. Standard furniture or accessory wasn't their suit, instead they settled in for impeccable materials that created quirky vibes to style their space. And one can definitely nod in agreement when they land to this chic, urban entry way dotted with a modern setting. The eye-catching pedestal and bright chandelier bring a bit of subtle sophistication and striking appeal to the entrance of the home.
Monochromatic color schemes might sound the easiest palette to execute, yet it can be so challenging to get it right. With muted tones of bold and brilliant color duo of black and white, the couple opted to go with a color combination that is always hip and works well with any theme. As told by the duo: "We remember the origin to this idea was a visit to a model home setup at one of the home shows we attended years and years ago. The first project therefore turned out to be the family room with a black and white theme. Numerous visits to furniture shops resulted in us acquiring the main furniture anchor pieces in both black and white - a set of trendy black and white chairs, a white Italian leather Daybed, a majestic white quartz top bay window sitting area and a matching carpet with a futuristic high gloss center table complete the look. The smaller decor pieces keep on arriving as and when we find them. Circulating these keeps this room fresh, dynamic and agile."
Totally, the soft washed family room is a place where one can feed all your senses, enjoy the touch of textures and visual treat of favorite art pieces of the family. With plenty of comfortable seating the space is perfect for solo brainstorming or entertaining a crowd of people. To maximize the sitting area the custom-made bay-window is included in design scheme which makes the beautiful planted backyard part of the room from giant windows, where they convene, entertain and enjoy each other.
After playing with absolutely fail-safe black and white combo, the couple let their imagination run riot with the most brazen hues in the living room. It is drummed into us that color is the greatest way to convey personality and this room without a fail is a fabulous reflection of couple’s style where there was no fear of big bright splatter of color and playful prints. Totally opposite adroit mix of vibrant tangerine and green apple imbues the room with energy while making it a juicy conversation zone for their guests.
What the couple has to say about this room: "We went all out and took the boldest route. Intense internet browsing sessions followed to identify the combination. We zeroed in on an orange and green combination - one high on the boldness scale! A living room does not give as much flexibility in decorating options as a family room. The approach was cautiously bold. We decided to bring in the walls before we proceed on to the furniture and wall art.  The wall when colored gave an A+ look. That brought us the confidence to match the color of the furniture pieces to that of the wall." and oh boy, modern they went!  The bold C-shaped ouches are entirely made-to-order befitting the space requirements of the room. Small visual echoes - such as the graphic rug, abstract art work and the black accent wall ties the room together and makes the look perfectly balanced instead of overwhelming. By mixing the hot hues of vibrant tangerine and apple green with taming neutrals like grey and black gives this room an entirely new spin. Captivating natural black accent wall with stones is an immediate eye catcher. With accent lights overhead the charming wall creates an enchanting effect at night. 

A thoughtful evaluation process has helped the home owners to hone the game plan of their kitchen. Their kitchen is a hefty financial investment where they put their own stamp and design including the flushed in refrigerator and dishwasher. As they coined out about their fuss-free, minimalist and chic kitchen : “Both of us also love a modern style of decor which you will find as a constant across our home and lives. A bunch of ideas in the kitchen here also came from what we missed in our previous home’s kitchen”.
The strikingly clean and undeniably stylish kitchen at Parikh’s does not play a role for the preparation and dishing up of food but this place is amalgamated into a multipurpose zone. The island offers an extra ordinary chance to make a spectacular statement. Parikh’s are the confident hosts and love to entertain friends with their culinary activities.Consistent modern style of decor is carried forward in most of the rooms except their temple room where they let their Indian traditional roots to take over their modern perspective. As told by the couple:"Taking time out to tastefully decorate is a challenge in our highly engaged lives. However, we do not compromise on quality or the outcome. Projects are taken up one at a time to do proper justice and obtain full satisfaction be it a kitchen, a backyard, prayer room, family room or the living room. We like to be bold and trendsetting.” 
Trendsetters indeed! A Meticulously adorned temple room of Parikh's is a visual treat with devotional art and geometric patterns on the wall. The ever enchanting effigy of “Lord Krishna’ is transported via courier from India especially for the temple room.  Sharp features and sweet smile on this figurine makes one completely mesmerizing. The couple treasured those kutchhi embroidered pieces that once belonged to their parents and framed them to keep as a memory. The altar where the ‘murti’ is placed is a DIY weekend project that couple took over. Not settling for anything usual, the couple decided to make-over this corner with few clever touches on a simple IKEA TV table. With the help of white sheer drapes and red backdrop they won to create a perfect temple like ambience in the room.

As I am concluding the post, anyone can easily belt out that the home owners are high performers when it comes to home decor; their wild working lifestyle didn’t put them away from achieving a warm and inviting space that says ‘Welcome Home’ every time anyone walks in the door. Thank you Parikh's for opening your home and heart for us. Wishing the family all the very best of the world.

I am pleased to be launching this unique and modern home tour on the blog that’s been in the works and kicking around my mind for months now, hope you all my readers enjoyed it as much as I had fun putting it together, until we meet again, have a great rest of the week, toodles!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Timeless and Unique - The India Craft House & Giveaway!

Keeping a finger firmly on the creative pulse of implausible heritage of India, The India Craft House has created a platform to preserve and promote the inherent legacy of Indian art, craft, culture and history in the global market while paving an outlook for the development of traditional artisans. With the onset of digital phase wherein people are aware of new trends and are not afraid to be experimental, The India Craft House products are adaptive in any décor trend you flirt with. Elegant, opulent and with just the right amount of spunk, The India Craft House products bring oodles of old world eloquence.
Ensuring a bright future for makers and to foster the development of skills that has been handed down over centuries The India Craft House has allowed both the seasoned artists and the new talent to thrive. Not only helping them find viable markets but to give an exposure, recognition and the chance to work in the industry The India Craft House has turned their attention to reach a wider audience across the country and around the world through their social medias.

Each piece, sourced ethically and directly from the artisans, is meant to start a conversation with its outstanding craftsmanship and lyrical aesthetics. The virtual library of art and craft of The India Craft House does not acquire a selection of work from coast to coast but also earmarks artists’ outstanding importance and collects their work at large to recognize their intrinsic beauty.
The attraction begins the instant you clap your eyes on the collection of ‘Dokra’ or ‘Dhokra’ crafts at The India Craft House. Shaped out of metal through ethnic method, this idiosyncratic design and forms echo the natural expression of the craftsmanship.  The rustic simplicity of ‘dokra’ art with high craftsmanship and artistic expression still converge the global audience.
To ground ourselves in our own history – our own culture in future also, one must support a healthy and vibrant economy of such innate inheritance. Following the same motto The India Craft House breathes on “doing well by doing good” philosophy. By offering authentic and genuine products The India Craft House ensures to sustain artisans’ livelihood.
Decorating trends come and go, but the allure with Indian art has endured for a life time in a global market.  Indian art has cemented its place as being culturally diverse and distinct while growing international interest. To give a raise to our ancient history of art, The India Craft House brings a collection that reflects the inherent expression of artist’s feelings and stories of an era gone by. Kalamkari, Madhubani, Phad, Kalighat and many more forms of art that have survived generations can be added in your décor or something you can pass on down to next generation.  
Put your best look forward while donning a handcrafted appearance. Feel empowered and accomplished while dressing up in the jewellery made by local artisans. Not only for your attire, has The India Craft House owned a vast selection to cater the need of your entire family. Check out their virtual library for bulk orders and occasional gifting as well.
Learning the trend of the globe, The India Craft House collects with an appreciation for the unusual products where practical requirements to support an artisan is all served. Building a better world by promoting and supporting artisan, The India Craft House has prospered in keeping the vision and brilliances of Indian art and craft alive through their efforts.  

As we sign off, wishing The India Craft House all the very best for all future accomplishments. Do scroll through the virtual library of The India Craft House here. Follow along The India Craft House on Instagram here and Facebook page here.
And now it's time to announce our giveaway. The India Craft House has a beautiful giveaway for all the readers of Pinkz Passion to celebrate our three years of blogging. One lucky winner will be winning an exclusive multicolored Kantha silk scarf. The stole is just perfect to suit your traditional attire or to wrap around your modern style dressing. You may also use it as a runner on your coffee table or throw on your couch to add some ethnic dash to your décor.

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My gratitude extends to The India Craft House Craft House for this wonderful giveaway. The contest is open to all the readers worldwide. Good luck dear readers!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Three years of blogging....and counting!

I am pleased beyond measure to share with you all that today marks the third blog anniversary of this Pinky’s passion journey. Three big years of blogging are down in the books. My gratitude extends to all those who have embraced the creative route with me along this extraordinary path of my life. Thank you for all your unflattering love along my bumpy ride of blogging which slowly and patiently I have learn to drive on.
This darling little passion page has been my creative baby and it has been a blast keeping it going. One has to enjoy and stay dedicated in order to keep it up and oh boy, I have enjoyed it with all my heart. It’s a lot of hard work, ups and downs, and late nights but so much joy has come from it too. I feel happy being with you all,  I am excited when I am taking photos for my posts, I am gratified with the ideas I am having, I am contented with the opportunities that I am accepting and I am even better-off with the opportunities that I am turning down.
It would not have been possible for me to come across such a pool of people if it weren’t for my blog. Through blogging, I have met some amazing people, who have always weighted in on every post of mine and with whom I have a solid relationship and bonding. I have even made some of the very best friends (some beautiful blogging friends). Little did I know that I was creating a family of sorts. You have been so darn good to me and you all are a big sizable chunk of my presence in the blog sphere so just thank you straight from the heart. 

As I end today's post, I am hoping to have your backing and encouragement as we continue to share our home décor stories in coming years. Inserting a squishiest hug for you all until we meet again, toodles.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Diwali Party entwined with South Indian Theme

Diwali is gone but the afterglow remains. I am one of those who are unabashedly into the festivals and striving throughout the year for it. Since we are done with Diwali this year my brain has started making the leaps for “what’s next?” Though for now, I am still unwrapping myself from all the festive hustle and bustle. 
On the other hand, we still have lined up Diwali parties that I am looking forward to enjoy. Since I read many of my readers are also in the same phase of parties after Diwali, thought to share few frames from our this year’s Diwali party. Given a chance I am always ready to set the stage for hospitality. Since Diwali was clued in with our south Indian themed potluck party at home, it was quite easy for me to execute.  
Generously wide sitting area on our bay window in our walk-out basement is just right for a quite chat or solitary read as the bank of windows wash the space with bright light from outside. But I had better plans to use this space ;). The corner now acts as a center table and is a platform of my creativity. It now helps me add my personal touch and I play around for any party or special occasion by changing the look every time differently. I have planned my fair share of parties here and have become quite the hostess if I say so myself ;).
With all the hues closely related in bright background of classic marigolds, the scene automatically supports a mix of traditional and south Indian touch. Since we reside in a country where yearly flow of marigolds is quite impossible, I decided to gift myself these strings from India. Hubs dear, who often circles around the globe, bought them home right in time before Diwali. Trust me, having a supportive husband is a huge boon. With 'décor' being a shared passion of both of us, it is quite easy for me to convenience him to put up with my décor tantrums ;).
For Diwali dressing, style choices are myriad, what ever bling you throw in or you have in home will greatly influence the overall ambience. Superlative lose their luster when it comes to my brass and I know my friends have a major meltdown every time they appear in any of my parties. Hence, I didn't shy away to scatter them fully with some Diwali diyas for some pretty flickering flames. Though, most of the pieces here are heirlooms and antique store finds. The jug housing flowers is a real charmer that came home for only $6 from an antique dealer this summer.
Not only the décor was a stunning sight for my clamoring crowd  to take a selfie but our South Indian menu (Idli-Sambhar, Vada-Sambhar) and attire were equally enticing. Ending the post with the picture of 'us' donning the 'South Indian' look. Oh yes, 'jhumkis', 'gajara', 'bindi' 'bali', I took care of every tiny detail while dressing but I think hubs dear especially rocked the South Indian attire in 'veshti', what say? Along with 'Jimikki Kamal' dance moves and few playful games we ended our perfect soiree.  
Hope you can jot down few notes of inspiration from here for your Diwali party , either this year or next year. Until we meet again, stay connected on my Facebook page or Instagram feed for more décor ideas. You all have a wonderful weekend, toodles!  

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Festive ready home (Diwali - Part 2)

I usually get décor hiccups for any festival but for people who know me would nod against it to say that isn't obvious. With an array of enchanting pieces we own, I don't need a better excuse than Diwali to deck the home with my brass galore. My all-brass route is carried forward in our Diwali -II too. After throwing the cyber gates open for you dear readers, to reveal our festive entrance (I am so thankful and happy beyond words with the response of our entrance décor, thank you lovely people) you are invited to take a peek at the festive touches in our living and family rooms. Savour the brass, smell the fresh flowers and enjoy this impeccable and uber stylish appearance of our brass, on this Diwali.
Just like every year, Ganeshas are taking the center stage on our coffee table this year also but in a fresh setting. Flowers, candles and brass...each element earns its place visually here. Impromptu grouping of more brass at the corner of the room flatters the style of entire vignette on the coffee table. With my brass at its best, I always hear the murmurs and sprinkling of intrigue in our guests :) and why not, it’s the time of the year when I long for accolades by all means. 
I love playing around with my accessories and it often makes me wonder how things start to gather up when I create a vignette. I run in all directions being excited and anxious around the home to gather the correct accessories. And the results after few trial and error combinations is a purer delight. Does it happen to you?
I have been craving to try something different on this fertile place to enliven this fireplace mantel space and with no rule approach this Diwali I came up with this. Sometimes a little enhancement is all that is required to convert a corner from functional to fanciful. With Ganesha being an anchor object,  this corner for now is updated with various heights.
Try making a grouping of small items in a fertile corner or space of your home. Elevate objects within the group adding different heights and play around layering with accessories. Trust me; it is actually so easy that you can whip one up on any bare floor in no time.  
Mingling great styles that is flexible and constantly evolving keeps the décor alive.  Small details of flickering lights can add a powerful impact on any corner. Don’t shy away to try diverse forms of votive holder in one frame if you ever run out of your Diwali diyas. Also, leaning a frame or covering up with a bright runner against a wall has always been a ‘win-win’ for me to uplift the entire look for me.  
Flowers are championing fresh and unconventional approach in all vignettes. Here is the closer look at all the ones that I used freely mixing unexpectedly in every vignette. The flower need of this season has been taken care by all home grown flowers. The bright and most B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L roses in the urli are graciously given to me by a very dear friend.
As you know, I drain every last bit of my flowers and I almost didn't had a heart to throw away those beautiful petals of the fallen roses hence I used them floating in the brass plate along with more candles until they survived :) 
As a part of Diwali celebration, we spend lot of time indoor with the company of close friends and having a communal space soaked with festive appropriate touches accurately conjure a touch of nostalgia and pleasure. Here is our prettified corner in a family room. With a bright kutchhi runner, used as a backdrop on the couch, it strengthens the point of focus in the room.
Unlike every year's blogpost on rangoli I shared my this year's creation a wee bit early for you all to inspire and create one in time for your home. If you missed it on my social it is! As a true ‘Ganesha’ fan, we always have his presence in every décor and this year's rangoli is also not an exception. Since tackling the dusty rangoli colors is not my forte, we use two simple ingredients (rice and food colors) to make our rangoli every year. To personalize the design, I threw in some craft mirrors in the design.

My readers have a mild obsession with our chalkboard in the house and why not, it is my undisputed decor accessory for any festival. Our artist daughter always comes to my rescue when it comes to highlighting it for any season. Winding up this post of our home which is welcoming and festive ready with her ‘Diwali Creation’. Hope these lush festive ideas will inspire you to implement few Diwali touches at your end also.

Gobble up countless pieces of ‘Mithai’ this Diwali with many laughs along the way with your family and friends. Signing out wishing you all heap of joy and prosperity, until we meet again, enjoy Diwali, toodles!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Diwali Decked Entrance (Diwali Part 1)

Not that our home needs help in the looking good department but this Diwali surely does wonders. I have already started to hit the ground running for Diwali but before we invite our first guests for Diwali it is my yearly ritual to invite you (my dear reader) to our home where festive touches will greet you at every turn. Come on in, welcome and stay a while.
Our entrance is already a stunning sight. Serving here the major pop of color is our new Benjamin Moore's OXFORD GOLD wall which brings out the festive look effortlessly. To typify my style and choice for the festival of lights I have chosen all brass route because I believe in doing something I know is going to be a hit and brass surely does that magic in my décor. 
We did not buy any festive ephemera for Diwali this year (okay, except few red t-light candles to go with my theme). Instead, best suited tucked away pieces are combined with complimentary accessories to up the game at our entrance. Every shiny vase housing flowers is bought from an antique dealer this summer and many other accessories on the console dates back to my school years. And you know already...these gorgeous paintings are the best gift given by our artist daughter.
Here is the final look, the warm and welcoming spirit of Diwali is aced naturally without breaking a sweat.  With the feastful amount of candles and sparkling clean brass (tamarind is my best friend when it comes to rubbing all my brass) this corner quintessentially reflects the traditional tone of the season. 
How much is too much brass? It is raining brass at my end and boy, did they step out in their finest. I often wonder if it is possible to be born with a keen love for brass threaded in my DNA? These brass pieces enable me to express my evolving décor style in a unique way every time I bring them in. Rustling up the existing ingredients for an inviting setting always works for me, and that's what I did ;).
This season, sparkle comes imbued in all our heirloom pieces. This Diwali, I have surrounded ourselves  with the things that have meaning so that our home tells a story. All the pots housing the flowers in this corner are heirloom pieces which belong to my great grandfather that I proudly own. So thankful to my mom who handed me over these treasures on my last visit to India along with many other pieces that I will cherish forever and hopefully pass it on to my kids.
I love to surprise the guests adorning the home with festive décor through out and even in the places where you wouldn't expect. With brass making waves on the décor frontier this dull corner at the end of the staircase has been revamped with new styling this year. This jumble of my brass will not only offer a moment of pause for my guests but it will also let me deposit that applause in my compliments account :).

Hope these corners have intrigued you enough to know what lies ahead in the living and family room, well, my little self is running around in all directions with all the hurly burly of Diwali but promise to be back soon to crack open the rest of the decor in next post  in mean while, you may go here and here to see Diwali Decked yesteryear at my end. My Facebook and Instagram accounts are equally enticing to get you Diwali ready. Until we meet again, eat those Diwali goodies and enjoy the festivities, toodles!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Diwali Exchange - An exchange of Creativity

It is the time of the year when the brain is in top gear and we are all busy unspooling our minds to take things up a notch this festive season. But when it comes to our home décor, we may go an extra mile and throw in some clever touches and glamorous effects to be a total show-off about. And just because everyone defines style in own personal way, I requested the experts, turned myself to the pros and tapped into the minds of the most talented décor divas and avid readers of my passion stories to share my space today and be a part of our ‘Diwali Exchange’ post.

Portraits of their lovely spaces with diverse style, colors, accoutrements and ambience will exemplify how small personal touches can bring charm to make your home look welcoming and festive ready this season. Go ahead deep dive into the post and be assured-it will be worth it.
Padma from Padzdecor
North Carolina, USA
Brass is threaded in Padma's DNA just like me :). With an enviable amount of brass (her brass always quickens my heartbeat) Padma has conjured a look of glamour and elegance. Along with her gracious creativity, the finest materials like metallic brass and glossy diyas complete her Diwali vignettes. 
I am one of those unlucky one who doesn't own any heirloom. Recently my parents gave away all their antique brass stuff but that didn't stop to own and make my own collection. All of my brass is bought in from Bengaluru and various craft melas. Since all the figurines are bought in, I may not have stories to share but I surely know how to weave new ones. Goddess Saraswati is posing the right stroke in the company of tea light holder chandelier. I love making these impromptu corners around the home which adds much needed oomph of the festival. Another intricately detailed Goddess Saraswati in brass is taking the center stage here in this vignette in the company of freshly bloomed fall mums. The vignette is brought to life by perfectly teaming with sparkly brass diyas. 
 Ontario, Canada

A lover of all forms of art, design and photography, Shilpa is a photography enthusiast and I am a big fan of her soulful and signature style images that keeps getting featured on different platforms of social media.
For me, Diwali evokes lots of wonderful memories just like it does for many Indians.  Hence miss being back home in India even more than usual.   
I always try to create a festive mood at home for the family, especially for the kids during Diwali by way of following family traditions, preparing festive sweets/snacks, decking up the house with lots of diays, so they can  have fond memories of their own when they grow up.
Personally, I think there's nothing more beautiful than the combination of brass, lights and flowers to adorn one's home the traditional way. It creates instant ambience and positive vibe.

Texas, USA

Self-proclaimed home decor diva, who loves to adorn her home and even as a child she was deeply into home décor. Ramya starkly believes that a home is a personification of its residents. She takes all efforts and spends at least a trifling portion of her evening rearranging her vignettes, which she thinks, is therapeutic.
We start off Diwali with first offering to the supreme lord of intellect and wisdom, flowers are an integral part of every celebrations, the man of the house never refuses to overload us with flowers during festivities

In the entryway we have an urli filled with flowers from our garden and the brass lamps are from mother in law who gave me about three dozen lamps so I can play around the house bringing the needed blink during festive season. The peacock lamp is from my mom’s wedding trousseau.
The trio as we call them Lakshmi-Ganapathi-Saraswathi, any festival or occasion my mom had a picture of the trio and I took her footsteps and here we have ours adorning the coffee table in the formal living.
We ingest as much desi influence as possible at home so the kids get exposed and take in as much as possible. Our loving Krishna, who is an antique store find here in Texas, is totting up to the Diwali Spirit in a royal manner with a horse and an elephant. Also many other corners are similarly adorned with Deepa Lakshmi, Ganapati, terracotta lamps and Lord Natraj in Diwali spirit around the home.

Anupama R
Banglore, India
A doctor by profession and a décor lover by passion is sharing Diwali vignettes in a brand new avatar of moody and evocative photography. Her pictures are bold, experimental and seek to express her distinct personality.  
Love what you do and do what you love is the mantra when it comes to my décor style. A far cry from the traditional use, the collection of small brass diyas are adorned with flowers in them.
A burst of color thrown in with Indian touch is a look I seek while revamping any corner. Flowers always add warm and welcoming spirit while boosting the drama.
During festivities, I take creative freedom and let myself loose in discovering new décor paths. Gracefully arranged 'dashavatar' frame here is taking the highlight with the gleaming of fancy diyas and shiny rangoli.

With that we come to an end of our post and I am sure you will be searching an excuse to throw a party now with these ideas and inspirations in your back pocket. I truly hope these designer tips and tricks will aid to add that extra drama quotient to your existing décor. I relished the entire process of communicating to these divas for building this post and making another year of Diwali Exchange post happen out of our own busy schedules of Diwali preparations. I am grateful to all of you for opening your heart and home for this post, thank you lovelies.

Signing out inserting the best of Diwali vibes, wishing you all a very happy festivities ahead. Do circle back next week for a post to see Diwali decked up corners of our home. Until we meet again, stay connected on Instagram or Facebook, toodles! 

(You may head straight here for last year's Diwali Exchange post.)